Thursday, June 9, 2011

Im Not the Girl Next Door... Or Maybe I Am?

I had a very informative meeting today and realized what I am doing wrong in my acting career. It was a wake up call for sure. I mean, I know that this town is very hard to break into. Basically, I am not meeting enough casting directors and not marketing myself enough. A casting director last week told me I need to figure out if I want to be seen as "the girl next door like Jennifer Aniston" or "...Jennifer Coolidge". So I need to pick a "type". I get what he meant, but at the same time, I dont want to pigeon hole myself into one type. Hopefully one day I will have the star power to play the "girl next door" and jump to the "funny sexy drunk" in the another movie. Like Susan Sarandon in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Then she was completely different in say "Thelma and Louise" or "White Palace". Hell, she played a nun in "Dead Man Walking". I get branding yourself to BREAK IN TO THE BUSINESS, but I dont want people to see me as one dimensional. Thats why its called "acting" not "being you".

I have a lot of "character types". Yes I might look blonde, blue eyed and innocent like Reese Witherspoon, but I also take elements from my idols. I can have the dramatics of Bette Davis, or the allure of Sharon Stone! And be funny like Lucille Ball. I play a vulnerable woman in the vein Judy Garland did. Im not saying I am any of these people, or as great as them, just that I can also play many different characters types. But I guess I have to choose one type...and run with it, then hopefully Ill be given opportunities to do many types of roles in the future. For now its "girl next door"...but next week might be "blonde bombshell"! HAHA that leads me on to my next story. I had this major breakthrough in my acting class the other night. I PLAYED A STRIPPER. I'll talk about it tomorrow!

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