Saturday, July 16, 2011

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne was great! I loved this movie! It was a feel good, clean cut, American story. It reflects on some themes a lot of Americans are going through right now, including me. Loss of job, new relationships, and furthering education among the topics. Tom Hanks was so cute. He still has that "I want to be friends with him" quality. This movie was also inspiring because Tom Hanks wrote it, along with Nia Vardalos, and directed it. Very impressive and goes to show everyone in Hollywood... Even if your A-List, you still should create your own work.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

I just saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the first time. I thought it was an interesting take on the classic Los Angeles film noir. I usually dont like the fourth wall being broken by the main character, but much like it worked in "Double Imndemnity", it works here. Michelle Monahan is great, and the script is unpredictable. I saw a lot of themes that have previously been used, such as the incest reference (Chinatown), the feminine gangster (Peter Lorre in The Maltese Falcon), and the female co- investigater (Ingrid Bergman in Notorious). It was an entertaining movie, but not my favorite example of a modern nior.

Borderland Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot last month with photographer Ronica Leigh at Borderland Mansion in Massachusetts. The theme was "Heiress Escapes the Mansion". It was a sunny day, the flowers were blooming, and these are my favorite shots!

Super 8

I just saw Super 8 and it is by far the best movie of the summer! It was nostalgic, innocent, exciting, cute, funny and visually stunning. The kid actors were great, so natural and real. Elle Fanning WILL win an Oscar one day. Her sister Dakota will to. Those sisters are unbelievable. The movie was superbly written by JJ Abrams, and the shots he chose while directing were perfect. The movie is reminiscent of ET, another Steven Spielberg project, but it is its own masterpiece. Super 8 is why I fell in love with the movies, real life that is sprinkled with magic. The costumes, 70's era food boxes and advertisements, and the small town set it was filmed in create a world where life was simpler, but anything is possible. Super 8 will be a classic and I will show it to my kids one day. Its one of those movies.