Saturday, July 16, 2011

Super 8

I just saw Super 8 and it is by far the best movie of the summer! It was nostalgic, innocent, exciting, cute, funny and visually stunning. The kid actors were great, so natural and real. Elle Fanning WILL win an Oscar one day. Her sister Dakota will to. Those sisters are unbelievable. The movie was superbly written by JJ Abrams, and the shots he chose while directing were perfect. The movie is reminiscent of ET, another Steven Spielberg project, but it is its own masterpiece. Super 8 is why I fell in love with the movies, real life that is sprinkled with magic. The costumes, 70's era food boxes and advertisements, and the small town set it was filmed in create a world where life was simpler, but anything is possible. Super 8 will be a classic and I will show it to my kids one day. Its one of those movies.

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